New Balance

The American brand New Balance has been supplying the world with sneakers and trainers for more than 100 years. The brand started out in 1906 and has since been known for its classic and sporty designs. Today most people would recognize a New Balance design when they see it.

The philosophy of the brand it to aid athletes in their pursuit of excellence. Whether it is professionals who strive to win medals, everyday people to get a new person record or just help people to live a more healthy and active life.

New Balance shoes are the perfect combination of fashion and convenience. They do not compromise on quality and always strives to give us the best of the best. A strength the company possesses is their talent to design shoes that follows todays fashion trends. In choice of colours New Balance is first mover on the sneaker market and you will often see collections filled with shoes in all sorts of colour and print.

Season after season you will see universal collections! So whether you are into colourful sneakers or classic trainers, New Balance has it all! Find your favourite shoes from New Balance here at Me & the Met!

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