Kokoon was founded in 2009 by Copenhagen based Nanna Søbirk. Silk is the primary material for Kokoon’s styles. It is a beautiful and natural material that is naturally fragile but also extremely light and comfortable to wear, which makes it the perfect material for beautiful, feminine styles.

Nanna’s inspiration does not only come from the feminine nature of the beautiful silk, but it also originates from the cuts and simplicity of menswear. Nanna has a love for prints, especially animal prints, which are always found in her collections; however, it is not the typical kind of animal print that you see most places. Nanna uses different colours to create unique prints, which make the roughness and sensuality of the animal print more subtle and understated. In her past collections, she has paired everything from blue and pink/blush to red and cream, or grey and blue – you never know what she comes up with next! 

All of this inspiration has resulted in a brand that creates the most beautiful and timeless printed silk pieces that are feminine, yet also incorporate menswear silhouettes, which makes a beautiful and modern contrast. 

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