Filippa K

Filippa K

Filippa K is a Swedish fashion brand that stands for simplicity and clean design. Its products are easy to combine and can be worn every season for its design and good quality materials. The philosophy behind Filippa K is to create fashionable styles, yet at the same time are comfortable to wear.

When Filippa K was established in 1993 by Filippa Knutson and Patrik Kilhborg, the brand got tremendous success selling clothes internationally. As a result, you can find Filippa K garments in no less than 20 countries worldwide. From the beginning, every single collection has one thing in common - to make "wardrobe essentials" as Filippa Knutson explains it. Wardrobe essentials mean that with one simple style, you can build up a wardrobe that can be used for every occasion depending on the accessories.

We at Me and the Met are especially fond of the great collection of basic dresses, suits and coats  - always perfectly fitted and the good quality knits in all the season’s colours.

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