Falcon & Bloom

FALCON & BLOOM is a brand signified by modern luxury, offering clothing and accessories with an elegant touche and playful feminine features. The creative force behind FALCON & BLOOM is the designer Michelle Dahan. The brand is based in California and focuses highly on sensuality and elegance, but is also influenced by romanticism as well as inspiration from travels around the world.

FALCON & BLOOM offers a great amount of variation among different types of clothing - among others jackets, dresses, hats, pants, shirts, shoes, skirts, tops and underwear. Airy silhouettes signifies the brand’s items, often decorated with sweet details, lace and sequins in vintage style. We are proud to present items from FALCON & BLOOM as part of our assortment here at Me & the Met, and we highly recommend you to take a look at what we have in store at the moment!

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