The French Cacharel brand offers ready-to-wear clothing, perfume and accessories. Jean Bousquet founded his own fashion house and established the brand in 1958, having prior work experience as a designer. Cacharel offers garments signified by youthfulness, femininity, refined elegance and vivid colouring - a joy and ease made for the modern woman.

By initially launching well-fitted, printed and striped shirts for women, Cacharel has become a brand renowned for a great amount of must-haves - items that are flattering, comfortable and easy to wear and match. The fashion empire symbolises romanticism embodied through poetical dreamy garments. This is why we at Me & the Met are proud to present Cacharel as part of our assortment - a brand appealing to women, offering proper items for both everyday-life and special occasions. Take a look at our Cacharel assortment and allow yourself to get inspired by the delightful elegance!

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