The Balmain fashion house is well renowned at the Paris Haute Couture scene, offering attractive product lines within fashion and beauty. Balmain is said to be the military-inspired it-brand, which we clearly see in the garments displaying strength and rebellism. Leather, sleek silhouettes and down to earth colour schemes are some of the brand’s earmarks, in addition to luxury and sophisticated elegance.

The French brand and fashion house Balmain was founded in 1945, by Pierre Balmain, with hopes of revitalizing the interest for lavish couture during the years following World War II. Balmain’s elegant and feminine garments became great favourites among European royalty and Hollywood fashion icons - among others Katharine Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren.

During the years, Balmain has evolved from the definition of elegance, with sophisticated feminine draping and pleating, to the Balmain we know today - toughness and chic with close fitted garments, a style made for the trendy French it-girl. Here at Me & the Met we are proud to present Balmain as part of our assortment. Take a look at the items in stock at the moment and allow the clothing designed by the well-established French designer to inspire you.

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