In 2009 the Dutch fashion brand Anecdote was founded. The brand is a ready-to-wear women brand, which target a broad and diverse group of women. The philosophy behind the brand is to make clothing too all kind of women and their individual styles. It is up to us as individuals to interpret the clothes and mix and match the various styles in the collection in order to express our own personal style. The brand also has the underbrand Anecdotekids, which designs and sells cute child clothing.

The Dutch brand was established by designer and entrepreneur Jetteke Vand der Wyck – Van Beuningen. The flag store is located in Amsterdam and is the only physical store that sells the cloths. Besides the flag store it is only possible to shop the clothing in various webshops across Europe. The mission is to become a global fashion brand.

All collections are based on Jettekes own personal stories and therefore you will never see two alike. The love to the nature is one of the cornerstones of Jettekes stories and inspiration. Besides nature the Dutch designers finds inspiration in her passion for travel, in discovering new cultures and local traditions and by being surrounded by her family and friends. No matter where the inspiration is found, you will always be able to see the inspiration directly in the clothing in terms of colours, texture, materials and fittings. The idea behind the collections is in perfectly line with the brand name, which means funny and characterizing short stories about persons, groups or happenings.

Anecdotes collections can be describes as beautiful, elegant and classic. They place themselves among the elite in Europe in terms of designing beautiful and minimalistic cloth – which we love! We cannot wait to follow the brands journey over the next couple of years.

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